Note: These photos are examples of our aluminum rims styles and one steel rim. Rim styles vary based on tire size and stock.

Premium Aluminum And Steel Wheels For Your Trailer

Wheels are the simplest upgrade you can make to your trailer and offer the highest return on your investment in terms of performance and appearance. Lower rotating mass and sprung weight means that your trailer becomes lighter, handles better and has less bounce. Our 5 and 6 stud wheels come complete with tires mounted and ready to bolt on.

Prices are per wheel, excluding tire tax and GST.

Upgrade tire packages!

Call one of our 2 locations for availability. We stock 13″, 14″, 15″ and 16″ wheels. We also carry regular steel replacement wheels in dimensions shown.

Tire Specials of the Week: 

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All of the trailer models are genuine Shuttle TM™ fiberglass units, which are the easiest towing on the market today. Better fuel mileage and handling are just a few on the Shuttle TM™ advantages. For more information, visit “The Shuttle Advantage” section on this website.
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