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Below are common questions we get asked all the time. Feel free to see if you can have your answers met and if you still have questions please call us. We enjoying talking to clients and will help you find what your are looking for.

  • Deposites are required at the time of rental

– deposits very on the type of trailer being rented

  • YES, credit card holder MUST BE PRESENT if using as deposit

– no exceptions

  • NO, all trailers MUST BE RETURNED to the ORIGINAL LOCATION where they were rented
  • YES, we would need to know at the time of booking if the trailer is leaving Canada
  • NO, only if trailer is going long distance the renter is responsible for the tires if damaged
  • NO, we only carry liability; please refer to your insurance provider to see if they will cover you
  • NO, we have a strict policy of no after-hours drop offs
  • If the trailer is dropped off after hours the renter will be subject to after hour drop off fee of $200 plus GST
  • If the trailer is dropped off and is stolen the renter is responsible for the replacement cost of the trailer

– refer rental agreement

  • YES, the renter is responsible for any infractions affiliated with trailer
  • The face value of any parking ticket or photo radar tickets will be automatically charged to your credit card

If trailer is taken on a weekend…

Example: trailer is taken Saturday, then it must be returned on the following Monday before 10am, if trailer is returned after 10am that following Monday – the renter is subject to a late fee of the daily rate.

(we are closed Sundays, there is no drop offs please – refer to after-hour drop off)
(our Stony Plain location hours are Monday to Friday Only)

NO, we only do 1 day rentals (24 hours from time to pick-up)
If trailer is being used for less than required time it is still classified as a 1 day rental

Vehicle must have towing package – No bumper ball hitches and lights must be working
(We do not fix the lights on vehicle)

  • NO, however if trailer needs to be cleaned (interior/exterior muddy) or if trailer is returned dirty and damaged in need of repair then charges will apply

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All of the trailer models are genuine Shuttle TM™ fiberglass units, which are the easiest towing on the market today. Better fuel mileage and handling are just a few on the Shuttle TM™ advantages. For more information, visit “The Shuttle Advantage” section on this website.
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