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About Us

Trailers Unlimited Inc. is a manufacturer and full-service retail supplier of cargo trailers and mobile oilfield office trailers. We rent and sell the original Shuttle brand trailers designed and manufactured right here in Edmonton for over 30 years.

Buying or renting direct from the manufacturer carries major advantages – best pricing and unsurpassed service for all your hauling needs. We strive to provide you with great service, great trailers and a level of transparency and integrity unmatched in the industry that ensures you always get a great trailer with no hidden charges or surprises.

The evolution of hauling.


Our proprietary engineering has resulted in lighter, more  aerodynamic trailers that are rugged, easy to tow, corrosion free and offer dramatically improved fuel efficiency, handling and vehicle wear characteristics.

Our mission is to get you on the road and keep you there.

Whether you just need a moving trailer for the weekend, a slick hauler for your motorcycle, a tough, reliable office trailer or a whole fleet of trailers for your company, Trailers Unlimited Inc. in Edmonton is your one-stop hauling solution.

Experience The Shuttle Advantage and call today for a whole new level of trailering.

Our Fiberglass

Creating a technological superior trailer

Fiberglass offers a number of critical engineering advantages over any metal, which makes it the modern choice for premium steel chassis and a complete fiberglass body construction. This is evidenced by its extensive use in exotic automobiles (including all Corvettes), numerous marine applications including top level boat hulls and the aerospace industry.

Key Advantages and Results:

  • Heat transfer trailer – will not turn into an oven on hot days
  • Greater relative structural strength versus steel or aluminum alloy allowing construction of a much lighter shell, reducing overall weight and lowering the center of gravity
  • Extremely high corrosion resistance, which means no rust or decay
  • No electrolysis issues as exists between differing metals, like steel and aluminum, which cause electrolytic corrosion
  • Allows one piece molded construction, regardless of shape, allowing more design flexibility (like an aerodynamically tapered nose) and greater consistency, plus enhanced rigidity
  • Very smooth surface finishes for ease of cleaning and application/removal of decals and overall low maintenance
  • Does not dent or deform from minor impacts or spot loads – no chipping or dents
  • Easily repairable
  • Very easy to tow, with better acceleration and maneuverability
  • Has less wind resistance, reducing wear on the towing vehicle, drastically reducing fuel costs and reducing the effects of cross and head winds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rugged and durable

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All of the trailer models are genuine Shuttle TM™ fiberglass units, which are the easiest towing on the market today. Better fuel mileage and handling are just a few on the Shuttle TM™ advantages. For more information, visit “The Shuttle Advantage” section on this website.
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We reserve the right to change prices at anytime.